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Registering A New Purchase
Car registration in California can be a complex process especially if this is your first time. Fortunately, here is all the information for new car registration you need for the State of California.

Insure Your Car
Get insurance to show proof of your financial responsibility before you use the new car in California. Compare insurance rates to purchase the best policy. Go on insurance companies’ websites like,, and to get free quotes.

Do the Paperwork
Paperwork for new car purchases at a dealer is usually done for you, but check to make sure the dealer registered and titled the vehicle accurately. Follow these two steps if you are new to California and purchased a new vehicle:
1) You should complete and submit an Application for Title and Registration. The name and address of the lienholder, a legal owner, should be included if applicable. Every registered owner must sign the application.
2) Get the Bill of Sale, a legal document that lists the vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number and other information to provide proof of the sale. This document protects both the buyer and the seller.

Know the Fees
First-time car registration fees include the State’s Vehicle License Fee, use tax, and other small fees. The cost of California car registration has increased due to the California budget deficit. For example, the use tax alone may cost you thousands of dollars. The Vehicle License Fee also increased recently from 0.65 percent of the vehicle value to 1.15 percent. Be careful not to lose or destroy any paperwork, license plates, or registration stickers. There are additional fees to replace these items too.

Make an appointment at your nearest ASAP Lien Sales office to register your vehicle. Nonresident vehicles will have to be inspected by a DMV employee, law enforcement officer, or licensed vehicle verifier, ASAP Lien sales has a Vehicle Verifier on staff. Specify that car needs an inspection when you set up the appointment. Submit the paperwork and fee after the inspection is complete. We have plates and stickers in stock and will issue them to you upon payment of the fees. If you are ordering online or telephone and have faxed or emailed the required information we will send the plates and stickers by mail. One sticker will be for the month and the other will be for the year. Affix your stickers to the license plate once you receive them and keep the registration in your car.

Get a Tax Deduction
A portion of your annual Vehicle License fee may be deducted from your income tax. Locate the fee on your Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice or your Validated Registration Card. Find a tax attorney that can consult you on income tax and deductions. Other fees like for weight and county/district cannot be deducted.

Remember to pay the fees and register your new car in California within 20 days of entry or residency. After you have accomplished registering your car, you will be fully prepared to hit the Golden State roads.
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