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How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration
In order to learn the details of how to renew your car registration in California it might be a good idea to visit to the official website of the California DMV and obtaining all the step by step instructions. However, for a quick guide to matters regarding registration renewals in California, this article will suffice to build a base.

It is mandatory to undertake the car registration renewal process once every year. Unlike some states where the renewal has to be done biannually, California makes it mandatory for a once-a-year renewal. The State of California makes it possible for its residents to go through the car registration renewal process in four ways in order to offer the highest degree of convenience and flexibility. Depending on whichever method suits your situation the best you can choose to renew your car registration by visiting an office in person, by going online or through the mail.

Renewing Your Registration via the Mail
In order to be able to renew your car registration in California through the mail you will need to use the Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice sent to you by the DMV. It is important to have the necessary information regarding your fees structure as well as the details of your car’s smog check requirements. These details will be found in the Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice sent to you but in case you don’t have the notice you will be required to call the number (800) 777-0133 and request the required information. In case your smog certificate has expired, the state requires you to have a smog check and avail a new smog license. Once your paperwork is complete you need to mail your documents along with the fees payment (money order or a check) to the address: Department of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 942869, Sacramento, CA 94269-0001.

Renewing Your Registration in Person
If you choose to stand in line for a while to undertake your registration renewal in person and require having your car smog checked, it is recommended to first pay the registration fees and then go in for a smog check as this way you can avoid the chances of being fined. After you have smog certificate it is important to get all your papers in order. After you find out what the necessary documents are, take the same along to the nearest DMV office where you will stand in line again, along with any one form of payment. This can include a debit card, a check, a money order or cash. In person transactions cannot be paid for using credit cards.

Renewing Your Registration Using Online Services
Once all your paperwork is in order you can choose to go online for your registration renewal. Car registration California fees online can be paid via credit or debit card and also through E-check payments.

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