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Vehicle Registration Fees to be Aware of
When you go to register or renew your vehicle, you may find that there are registration fees that you were not expecting. While the range and cost of fees can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle, there are some important fees to make sure you budget for before registering. The information below highlights some of the most common fees that you must pay. Remember that you may be able to write off some fees as a tax deduction, check with your tax advisor.

Sales Tax
If you're registering a vehicle for the first time and have not yet transferred the title, you will be required to pay sales tax on the selling price of the vehicle. Your transaction may be sales tax exempt if the vehicle was purchased from a direct relative, or if the selling price was below a certain amount.

Registration Fee
In California, your annual registration fee is based on the type of vehicle being registered, the registration fee for passenger cars and trucks is proportional to the price of the vehicle when new. You must pay this fee on an annual basis to keep the license plate registered on your vehicle. These are the most expensive, however there are others:
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