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The DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles is an organization that deals with all of the registrations and licenses in the State of California. Each state has their own DMV, (or in some cases MVD) and different rules when it comes to certain issues. It is a state run agency. The DMV is responsible for making sure anyone who is living in the state, or has been in the state for a certain time (usually between one to three months), and that want to drive, have a license. Coupled with this, the person must also have state issued license plates affixed to their car. The Department of Motor Vehicles is also responsible for the drivers who get their license, meaning that they run the driving tests. There are three parts to the tests. First, there is an eye exam you must pass, or else your potential license will note you need glasses to drive. Next is the written test, which is a multiple choice test with about 30 questions. Usually you can get a couple wrong and still pass. The last portion is the driving test where you must show some skills behind the wheel to pass. Once this happens, they can issue you a license. The DMV is also a business, so there are many fees involved, including renewal fees.
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