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Proof of Insurance for Registration
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Every California driver must carry proof of insurance in their vehicle at all times. Proof will be required at time of registration or renewal. Most times DMV is aware that you have it. If registering a new purchase or if you are not sure if it is posted on the DMV database, it's best to bring it with you when registering.

There are several types of proof found acceptable:
A bond from a company licensed to do business in the State of California in the amount of $35,000.00.
Minimum Insurance requirements
$5,000.00 damage to property.
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Liability insurance for a motor veehicle
Proof of cash deposit with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the amount of $35,000.00.
A self insured certificate issued by the DMV.
$15,000.00 injury / death one person.
$30,000.00 injury / death more than one person.
Notice To Customer. ASAP Lien Sales are licensed to provide registration service to the public, but our company is NOT a branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles.