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On-line Request For Registration Services
Fill in the information needed below and check the service required box(s) on the left, then use the Submit button. Fax or E-Mail any documentation you have for the service requested (renewal card, title, bill of sale, smog cert, etc.).  After receiving the required documentation, we can then start to process your request. When completed we will mail your registration certificate, plates and stickers to the mailing address you provide below. Because DMV retrieves all funds collected daily, payment is required upfront for each transaction, just as it is at any DMV field office.  Our system allows us to view the fees due for each transaction before accepting the transaction, before accepting, we will contact you with the fee amount. After approval from you, we will complete the order. Please be aware, we are charged for each DMV record pulled and that if you decline the transaction, we must charge a $6.00 fee to cover that cost.
Type Of Service Requested
If you know that a smog certificate or proof of insurance is required, please email the information to: orders@asapliensales.com or fax it to (510) 799-1456.
Thank You for using ASAP Registration Services
You can print this page (Ctrl+P) and fax this order to (510)799-1456
After receiving the documentation, we will contact you with fee amounts for your approval, prior to accepting the DMV transaction.
License Number
Vehicle Identification Number (vin)
Enter your vehicle information here. If this is a boat/vessel that has a trailer attached, and also needs verification. Enter the trailer License Number and Vehicle Identification Number here.
2. Boat or Vessel Information
"CF" Number
Boat/Vessel Hull Number (vin)
1. Vehicle, Trailer, Motorcycle Information
If this is a motorcycle, the engine number is also required.
Motorcycle Engine Number
3. Contact Information
Contact Name
ASAP Lien Sales can only accept Cash, ATM, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. You can either, call us with credit card information or enter it  below.
If you choose to enter card the information here, please check the box if you would like us to keep the information on file for future transactions, otherwise it will be discarded.
Name As It Appears On The Card
Zip Code Where Your Credit Card Statement Is Mailed
Expiration Date
Card Number
Type Of card
Security Code On  The Back Of The Card
4. Payment Information
You can print this page (Ctrl+P) and fax this order to (510)799-1456
Please Fax or E-Mail any documentation you have for the service requested (renewal card, title, bill of sale, smog cert, etc.).
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Mailing Address
Mailing City, State, Zip
Very Important - This information is where we can contact you, and where your registration certificate, plates and stickers will be sent - Be Sure It Is Correct.
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