Mechanics Lien Order Form
4. About The Lien
Date Work Completed
5. About The Vehicle, Motorcycle Or Trailer
Amount Owed For Service And/or Parts
6. About The Boat / Vessel
NOTE: If the vessel includes a trailer, enter the trailer information above.
Contact Name
City, State, Zip
Bus Lic #
ASAP Account #
City, State, Zip
2. Where Is It Stored  If the vehicle/vessel is stored at a location different from the address above, enter the location here. If same as above enter "SAME".
7. Payment Type
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1. General Information
NOTE: For Vessels, we can use either the hull # or CF #, both is better.
Posted Storage Rate
Thank You Very Much for the order!!      The ASAP Team
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Date Owner Was Billed
Note: You cannot claim repairs (Mechanics Lien) without a valid Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) license Number. To claim a lien for repairs, you must have completed the repairs, or billed the customer in the last 30 days, which ever occurred first.  If you are late, you can claim a lien for storage only, with or without a BAR number.  Go to Private Property Liens.
(for automotive related business customers only, with a valid BAR License). Complete all fields in section 1 and 2, and check the boxes below, then sign and date the form. If we have questions, we will contact you.
True Full Name
True Full Names Are Required On All Lien Documents. As shown on your CDL
Date Of Possession
Lic #
CF #
Hull #
Engine # (if motorcycle)
Vin #
Vehicle, Tlr, Cycle
Boat / Vessel
Required For All Liens
Towing Chg (if any)
Req. For Mechanics Liens Only
NOTE: Motorcycles and ATVs, We Must have both the Frame number and engine number.  We Cannot Process The Lien Without Both
City, State, Zip
Note:  Value = "As Is" + the cost of repairs.
<---If you have an ASAP account number, enter only the account number here, and proceed to section 2.
3. Who Authorized The Repairs  You must have a signed and dated work order showing the cost of repairs with the name and address of the person who signed and authorized the repairs to file a mechanics lien. Enter their infomation here.
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When you submit this form to ASAP Lien Sales, Signed Or Not, It Is A Binding Contract.  This form authorizes a lien to be processed by ASAP Lien Sales with the information you provide, and that you will hold ASAP Lien Sales harmless from any lawsuits, judgments, omissions or errors of any kind and under any circumstances. ASAP Lien Sales Is Providing A Secretarial Service To You And Will Be Liable For The Cost Of The Lien Sale Processing Only.
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