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Over $4000 Order Form
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The Good News, ASAP Liens Sales computer program has the capability of processing a boat and trailer within the same lien as long as the owners (registered and legal) are the same, with only the added cost of a DMV pull on the trailer. Be aware if the owners are not the same, the trailer will be processed as a separate lien at normal lien costs.
Under $500 Value (5 per page)
(15 per page)
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* Disposal Liens Only - All Vehicles and Vessels.  These liens must be accompanied by an Agency/Police form 180. The value placed on the vehicle/vessel must be clearly printed on that form, if not, please use the appropriate short and long lien forms.
(do not use this form for disposal liens less than $500. value)
Under $4000. Vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, RV's, ATV's, motorcycles.)
Under $1500. Vessels / Vessels With Trailers**
Over $4000. Vehicles (cars, trucks, Trailers, RV's, ATVs, Motorcycles.) 
Over $1500. Vessels / Vessels With Trailers**
This page was last updated: December 25, 2019
About Appraisals: When placing a value on a vehicle/vessel, you need to be honest and straight up about it. Nobody wants to do long liens but if the value is over $4000 for vehicles or $1500 for vessels, it is what it is. The long lien process is somewhat designed to protect you, in that the DMV notifies the owners of record which takes a couple of months, then grants the authorization to proceed with a lien sale. In a way if all is on the up and up, you have the DMV's blessings, and one thing that is for sure is if someone comes forward after the sale and wants to fight about it, you have then done everything that can be done legally. It's just a better way to go.
**Note: Vessels/Boats - If you have a vessel and want to claim a lien as less than a $1500 value, you must prove the value is less than $1500. to the DMV, meaning, you must have the vessel appraised by a Licensed Yacht Broker to show the value is less than $1500.00. That appraisal must be faxed or emailed to ASAP Lien Sales prior to processing your lien.  This Does Not Apply To Agency/Police Towaway's With A Value Noted On The Form 180.
*Note: Agency/Police Towaway's - Vehicles and vessels towed by a government agency are accompanied by a form 180. This form should have an appraisal of value on it, if the appraisal is less than $500. and the appraisal is legible, you can process a disposal lien.  If the appraisal is not legible, or if there is no appraisal on the form,  You must place a value on the vehicle/vessel AS IS and submit the appropriate lien type.  ASAP lien Sales will not process a disposal lien without the 180 form clearly showing a value of $500. or less.
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All ASAP forms are fillable with a submit button or you can print and fax to us, either filled in or hand written.  All ASAP forms are best viewed using Google Chrome at 90% zoom.
The Freddie - Under $4000.00 Value
Quickie Single Order Form - Coming Soon!!
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